Match 3 games - Traffic puzzle Like car puzzle games? Adore 3 puzzle match games? Welcome to Puzzle Birds, a smart match 3 puzzle that offers a lot of extra excitement like traffic jam car game. A unique, incredible, and one of the best match 3 games, this traffic puzzle game immerses you in the wonderful world of birds, cute animals, and their traffic jam challenges. In these 3 puzzle match games, your main task is to help the animals and birds to overcome these challenges – without you, they can’t get to the end of the platform. So, help them overcome obstacles, find right match 3 puzzle combinations, and use boosters to overcome obstacles and speed up your level-pass. Puzzle Birds is a unique traffic puzzle game with a large number of addicting quests: – Help the cute sheep get out of the forest – a flock of birds blocks their escape, so you need to match three birds of the same color or use pigs to fight against the birds – Help the birds get to their nest by hitting an animal traffic jam (so much like traffic jam car game!) – Grow carrots for rabbits –to harvest these carrots, you need to remove all the birds that block the site – Plant grass and make hay for the animals – complete an exciting 3 puzzle match quest to feed hungry animals – Clear the forest of foliage and debris, and solve many other interesting tasks – Complete combined quests as you move to more advanced levels of higher complexity Here are some strong sides of Puzzle Birds match 3 games: Offers lots of gameplay diversity – while even in many other best match 3 games, the only goal is to put three items in a row, your goal here is to complete the main task Has beautiful animation and lovely graphics of carefully selected colors that neither irritate nor hurt your eyes Provides additional boosters, like car puzzle games do Please your years with a nice soundtrack Compatible with smartphones and tablets Great and engaging for any age So, train your logic and thinking with our 3 puzzle match games! Have fun while playing Puzzle Birds traffic puzzle game! Solve a smart match 3 puzzle and enjoy beautiful graphics and fun sounds. Like car puzzle games, this app offers super-exciting gameplay and has many other valuable extras, which make Puzzle Birds one of the best match 3 games .